I am Assistant Professor of Economic History at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, where I am also a research fellow at the Carlos III-Juan March Institute and the Figuerola Institute. I earned my PhD from the University of Cambridge (2020) with a thesis on Resources, Environment, and Rural Development in Uruguay, 1779-1913, which won the Alexander Gerschenkron Prize of the Economic History Association.

My research agenda centres on long-term Latin American and comparative economic history, with a focus on rural development. Current themes include rural economic migration and the interactions between commercial agriculture and the natural environment. I also have a keen interest in data visualization design.

I started studying Economic History at Universidad de la República in Montevideo, near where I grew up in southern Uruguay. Unlike many Uruguayans, and despite heroic attempts by coaches and friends, my football skills are unfortunately limited to videogames. On this website you can find information about my research, teaching, and publications, as well as some of the datasets I have produced. You can reach me at etravies@clio.uc3m.es