Fray Bentos, Uruguay (1913) [photo: Centro de Fotografía de Montevideo]

Published datasets

  1. Coal price composition in Uruguay (1887-1913) & coal prices in Uruguay and New Zealand (1890-1911). Please cite as: Travieso, E. ‘United by grass, separated by coal: Uruguay and New Zealand during the First Globalization,’ Journal of Global History, 15, 2 (2020), 269-289. [data] [article]
  1. Railway stations in Uruguay in 1910: georeferenced location & freight volumes. Please cite as: Travieso, E. ‘Railroads and Regional Economies in Uruguay, c.1910,’ Revista Uruguaya de Historia Económica 7, 12 (2017), 30-57. [data] [article]

Coming soon

  1. An atlas of Uruguayan agriculture, 1908: district-level boundary & attribute data.
Uruguay, c.1910: mean estate size by districts and main type of cargo loaded in railway stations
Percentage of cattle crossbred in Uruguay by district, 1908

  1. Age heaping & numeracy in rural Uruguay (1836): free & enslaved populations.

  1. Occupational structure of Uruguay (PSTI system), 1890 and 1908.

  1. Occupational structure of northern Nigeria, 1921-2006 (co-author G. Austin).