Mercato, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (November 2019) [photo: Emiliano Travieso]

Office hours: Monday, 3-4pm (office 18.2.D.15). You don’t need to email me to tell me you’re coming, just show up.

  • Economic History. An introductory course for first-year undergraduates in Economics and Business Administration (~200 students per year, taught in English) [latest syllabus] [student evaluations 2021]
  • Environmental History. A new (at Carlos III) optional course for advanced undegraduates in any degree (taught in English). Its first edition will be Fall 2023. [syllabus]
  • Economics undergraduate dissertation topics [English] [Spanish] (you can come to office hours or email me to discuss a topic before applying to do your dissertation with me; there are 8 slots available per year)