Mercato, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (November 2019) [photo: Emiliano Travieso]

I teach History of the World Economy (BA International Studies) and Economic History (BA Economics and BA Business Administration) at Carlos III University of Madrid. Students can access the course materials through UC3M’s Aula Global. I also supervise undergraduate dissertations on economic development and the environment in the long-term, on agrarian development and inequality in developing regions, and on Latin American and African economic history.

Before coming to Madrid, at Cambridge I gave lectures in the History Tripos for Paper 10 (on “Global Dimensions of the British Industrial Revolution”) and Paper 21 (on “Latin America in World History, 1830-1914”). I supervised undergraduates for Paper 27 (The History of Latin America), Paper 21 (Empires and World History), and Paper 23 (World History since 1914). I also taught Historical Argument and Practice (HAP) sessions on topics of Economic History, Environmental History, and Global History.